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About Axicore

In a very sensitive area there was the need to identify the required skills versus to know the  available skills. In the organization was also the need to find a way to define individual goals with a clear link to the overall vision of the organization.

For this purpose Axicore has developed a solution, which includes a consulting service and a system tool that support the processes.

The requirements were safe and meaningful to fulfill.

This goal was achieved.

This solution has been successfully introduced into the market. Customers have the use of continuously expanded. Customers have expanded the usage continuously.

"With this expertise, we are offering the services in the market."

  • Developed in Sweden
  •  Designed for the international market
  •  Proven use
  •  Customized usage
  •  Independent and yet easy to integrate
  •  For a clear target direction
  •  Cost-conscious solution
  •  Customers win quality award

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